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The Linear Scale and Digital Readout DRO Be Installed On The Milling Machine

Usually, The Linear Scale(Linear encoder) and Digital readout DRO are installed on the milling machine, lathe, grinder and spark machine, which is convenient to display and record the displacement during machining and assist in the preliminary simple automatic machining. Milling machines usually need to install XYZ axis, and lathes only need to install two axes. The resolution of Linear scale applied to grinder is generally 1um. And for some customers who do not understand installation, our engineers can provide video guidance or send our installation videos to customers, which are easy to understand and easy to operate.

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Where and how the Power Feed works?

Our power feed has two models, one is ordinary electronic power feed and the other model is mechanical power feed. The mechanical power feed(Tool feeder) has more power and is more durable. The disadvantage is that the price is high. The price of electronic power feed is cheaper, but the power will be a little worse. No matter what kind of power feed it is, it can meet the basic machining request.
Power feed(Tool feeder) is a common machine tool accessory used for milling machine. It replaces the manual operation when milling machine is working. If the power feed is installed on both x-axis, Y-axis and z-axis, the working efficiency of the machine and the accuracy of machined parts will be greatly provided. However, in order to control the cost, most customers only install the power feed on the X-axis and Y-axis.

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What handles does the milling machine have?

We are a professional manufacturer of milling machine accessories. We can produce 80% of the all series of milling machine accessories, and the other part comes from our cooperative factory. There are several types of handles for milling machines, such as football type handle, lifting handle, three ball handle, machine table lock and spindle lock, etc. We also have some handles of the lathe. If necessary, you can contact us at any time.