Rework in the first week after the Spring Festival. Thank Fanta milling machine dealers who have cooperated with us for ten years for ordering all kinds of milling machine accessories again. I hope our career will rise together in the new year and the year of the tiger will be auspicious!


Fanta milling machine m3 is a traditional old milling machine same to Taiwan model. The size of the worktable is 254mmx1270mm. The workpieces that customers need to process are mainly milling. Because the end customer's factory does not have experienced operators, but it requires more efficient machining. Therefore, according to the needs of customers and the functions of our machine tool accessories, our engineers recommend the installation of all accessories conducive to efficient processing. Firstly, we help to install the Linear scale on the X, y and Z axes of the machine respectively and then connect it with a Digital readout. Secondly, in order to improve efficiency and accuracy, a power feed is installed on XYZ axis respectively, it can help to make some work to be automatic. In addition, it is equipped with vise, tool box, oil proof protective glue and collect set that need to be used every day. In this way, a fully equipped milling machine can be sent to customers! The whole set is cheap, but it can meet the existing processing request of customers. Customers praise us as the lucky star of all machine tool factories!


So to be a manufacturer of machine tools in this field for more than 15years, we had supplied our machine accessories to more than 80% of machine factories in domestic China, and now more and more factories comes to know us and even some more foreign customers looked for us, we are lucky to be well known by all of customers and we will do all the best to make our goods to be better and never disappoint all of you!

Post time: Mar-11-2022