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Led machine work lamp Machine maintenance lamp NC lathe table lamp 12V 36V 24V 220V  machine lamp

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Machine working lamp description:

• It is applicable to the lighting of small and medium-sized machines, CNC machines, modular machines and other machine equipment.

• It is waterproof, explosion-proof and erosion proof.

• The new light source halogen tungsten bulb is adopted, with soft light and good focusing performance.

• There is 12V 24V 36V 220V (35W) to be optional for the machine lamp.

• As there are many volts are selected, the voltage should be plugged into the voltage output interface of the machine equipment. For example, if 24V is selected, it can only be plugged into the 24V voltage for working lighting.

• Working lamp accessories: the body is equipped with a lamp bead, a base plate and 4 screws.

• The hose can be rotated and placed at any angle. With a silver bowl inside, it has a long life and a long light source. It is a cost-effective working lamp for machines.


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Machine working lamp
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Led lamp function features

1. Due to the use of LED light source, it has long service life and almost avoids the loss of working hours caused by the failure of machine tool light; (the service life of traditional halogen lamps is only about 2000-3000 hours. The broken lamps are all in the processing process. Each replacement or repair process takes 30 minutes, and it will lose at least 50USD one labor costing per time! The intangible losses affecting the construction period are not calculated. One LED lamp = 20 traditional halogen lamps, reducing the probability of 20 broken lamps!)

2. The color temperature is close to the natural light and emits the same white light as the automobile gas headlamp, with excellent color rendering. If it is judged that the more unified halogen lamp can not be achieved in the process of precision processing, it is completely suitable for printing color matching;

3. No stroboscopic, no electromagnetic radiation (even the traditional eye protection lamp can't do it), more eye protection, eliminate the teacher's visual fatigue, and be healthier than the eye protection lamp! Put "people first" into practice.

4. Cold light source, low calorific value, never hot hands, and reduce accidents;

5. The appearance adopts the most mature and widely loved shape in the industry, with more fine workmanship, so as to greatly increase the beauty of the machine tool;

6. Green lighting, with obvious power saving, 6W is equivalent to 50W and 44w. It is calculated as 15 hours per day. The total power saving for one year is 44w * 15 hours * 365 days = 240 degrees

7. High end machine tools are equipped with my-led machine tool work lights!


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Special note:

Even there are lots of led machine lights, the design and quality are different:
• The appearance is the most classic style at present;
• High power imported led beads with high brightness;
• The power supply scheme adopts the products patented by China and the United • States, avoiding the use of the key capacitor, which greatly improves the service life of the whole lamp;
• The aluminum base plate adopts the aluminum plate imported from Korea with a thickness of 2.0, which has excellent heat dissipation;
• The lens adopts large angle surface atomization treatment, and the spot effect is satisfactory!

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