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High quality steel,Made of high-quality steel, magnetic block, copper sheet, and magnetic layer as a whole Thickened, long service life
Easy angle adjustment, 0-45 ° angle adjustable for surface grinding and spark machining.
Fine magnetic pole, The magnetic pole gap is fine and dense, and the magnetic force is evenly distributed. When processing small parts or thin sheets, the effect is particularly obvious.
high-precision, Use with steel block gauge and high accuracy of fixing angle with fixing screws.
Packaging method: wooden box packaging Product size: multiple options
Widely used for machining and positioning workpieces on various surface grinders and tool grinders
The sine magnetic table is easy to operate, with high precision, the suction force can reach 10N/cm, and the copper distance of the disk is 05-1.5mm, which can absorb small workpieces, and the height is lower than the normal sine sleeve. Easy to use, balance bar and base heat treatment. Simple mechanical switch, no power supply, no controls, lower cost and easier maintenance.
Existing conventional models: 100*175 150*150 125*250 150*300 etc. Customized size is accepted, just contact us anytime.




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